Hello, I am Valentina Petrova and I am happy with your choice to have a detailed look at my work.
I was born in May 1974 in the town of Kazanlak, Bulgaria – in the centre of the violin making art. My first steps in violin making were in “Academician Dechko Uzunov” National High School of Plastic Arts and Design in the town of Kazanlak. During the period 1988-1993 I studied violin making under the teaching of Edrio Edrev and Hristo Hristov – both of them graduated the violin making school in Cremona, Italy.
I have been working as a violin maker since 1993.
In 1996 together with my husband Plamen Petrov we opened a violin making studio for master instruments and we have been working together there for 18 years. At the beginning I concentrated my efforts in the polishing of the musical instruments. Later I began to take part in the whole process of violin manufacturing. Today I make instruments on my own and you can see them, play or own them.
In my work I follow the samples of the world-famous masters. The material that I use for the manufacturing of the instruments is of high quality, well-dried and with the necessary acoustic qualities and natural beauty. I follow the traditional method of shaping the parts – completely handmade. In the process of polishing I use spirit or oil varnishes as well as different natural essences, resins, oils and colouring agents. I polish each instrument with a brush and my main purpose is to achieve transparent polishing, a thin layer of polish covering and the last but not least a beautiful and artistic outlook.
I have taken part in exhibitions of the District association of the violin making masters in Bulgaria, as well as in International exhibitions of musical instruments:

  • Magic violin - 2009 Kazanlak, Bulgaria
  • Magic violin – 2010 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Mondomusica – 2010 Cremona, Italy
  • Mondomusica – 2011 Cremona, Italy